Eco-Friendly Accommodation in Bali

Eco-friendly Accommodation in Bali

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the beautiful island of Bali Eco Stay , consider staying at one of the many eco resorts on the island. These resorts use eco-friendly techniques such as solar energy and water conservation, which means you can enjoy a luxurious stay while doing your part to preserve the environment.

Nestled on the jungle-covered slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge has eight uniquely crafted bungalows that blend into their mountain environment. Each bungalow features a private bathroom and terrace.

Volunteering at Bali Eco Stay: How to Make a Positive Impact During Your Stay

This resort is run in partnership with local Balinese villagers, who maintain the peaceful rice fields that surround their luxurious eco-bungalows. They have been educated about sustainable farming and recycling methods, and they put trash bags around their villages that guests are encouraged to pick up when trekking through the rice patties.

The resort is a great example of how eco-tourism can benefit all parties involved, and it’s a working model of how to sustain the natural environment while still providing guests with a comfortable and luxurious retreat. The hotel also conserves every drop of potable water they can, using programs to keep plastic waste to a minimum and using pure spring water naturally oxygenated and infused with minerals and nutrients from Mount Batukaru.

The resort’s restaurant serves food grown and produced on their own farm, including fresh fruits and vegetables that are harvested from the organic garden. Their menu is full of flavour and will satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

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