Amish Baskets

Old Order Amish basket makers create beautiful hand woven baskets that are made in the United States. These baskets are durable and decorative, crafted by families who live and work on a farm. These Amish baskets are also a great way to display your favorite collectibles or add a touch of charm to your home.

What religion is Amish?

A variety of Amish Baskets are available online. Some are a one-of-a-kind and some are made to order with the customer’s choice of size, color and accent colors. Some are a decorative basket, while others are functional like a laundry hamper or pie carrier.

These Amish Baskets are a perfect addition to any country decor or table setting. They are also a great heirloom piece and make a wonderful gift.

Amish Picnic Baskets

These lovely Amish picnic baskets come in two sizes (small and medium), each with swinging carrier handles, a solid oak bottom, and solid oak lid with knob. These baskets are also available with an inside tray for separating your pies or desserts from the rest of your picnic items.

Amish Double Pie Carrier Baskets

These beautiful Amish-made pie carrier baskets are completely handmade by Sarah and Lydia, two Amish ladies located in Minnesota. These baskets are a wonderful gift for the baker in your life!

Amish Oblong Napkin Holders

These Amish-made napkin holders are a perfect addition to your table and great for entertaining. They are a great space saver and look nice on a coffee or dining table when you’re serving wine, cheese and crackers.

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