Workout Gear For Women

workout gear for women

Whether you’re looking to start a new workout routine or just need to refresh your activewear, there are many options for women out there. From sports bras that fit comfortably to leggings and tights that are supportive enough for a full range of movements, the right clothes can make the difference between a bad workout and a great one.

Workout Tops That Look Good And Move With You

For a workout gear for women | RyderWear shirt that looks good while also performing at its best, check out some of these styles from Lululemon. Designed with performance-enhancing fabrics that support blood flow and reduce bounce, these tops come in a wide array of colors to suit your mood and activity level.

Must-Have Workout Gear for Women: The Essentials You Need for Your Fitness Journey

For the ultimate comfort while putting in a full workout, choose a pair of lightweight yoga pants from Lululemon, says Stokes. The brand’s fabric is soft and stretchy and can help support a variety of body types, she says.

The high waistband and slim design makes them comfortable for a wide range of activities, including Pilates and yoga. And the tummy-control panel in the back helps to engage your core while you’re working out.

Nike Pro Leggings

When it comes to running and strength training, Tatiana Lampa, who teaches HIIT classes at Fithouse in NYC, recommends these leggings from Nike. The breathable material and cropped length keep sweat out of your eyes and legs, while the elastic band ensures they don’t slip during an intense session.

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