IGCSE Economics Group Tuition at MindFlex

IGCSE Economics group tuition is a subject for learners of all abilities who want to learn about how economies in different countries interrelate and have an impact on the global economy. It teaches economic theory, vocabulary and concepts to enable students to develop the appropriate range of analytical, critical and reasoning skills for the subject. It also prepares learners for progression to Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics or the equivalent qualifications.

Which tuition Centre is the best in Singapore?

The subject requires memorising a lot of content, which can be difficult for some students. Our IGCSE Economics home tutors at MindFlex are experienced in teaching the subject and can help with this, allowing students to easily understand and retain the information needed for success in the exams.

They can also assist with the study of macroeconomics and microeconomics, which are two different areas of the subject that students often struggle with. They can offer personalised guidance in these areas, helping students to master the necessary skills to achieve a good grade.

They can also teach the students the best ways to approach each question, including how to break down questions into smaller parts, and identifying what the most important points are to remember. The tutors can also provide tips and tricks on how to use past exam papers as practice, helping the student to improve their mark. They can advise on strategies to beat the time pressures of the examination room, such as ‘eating the frog’ (completing the most difficult question first when the brain is at its strongest). Taking the right approach to revision and exam preparation can make all the difference to a student’s performance in the final exam.

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