Tattoo Removal London – What You Need to Know

tattoo removal london

Tattoo removal is one of the safest cosmetic procedures available today. The process involves a series of laser treatments that gradually remove the unwanted tattoo over time. The laser energy works by breaking down the tattoo pigments into tiny fragments that are then absorbed and removed by the body’s natural systems. Unlike surgical methods of tattoo removal, this is a very safe procedure for the skin and does not produce scarring. The treatment is not available on the NHS but is performed in a private clinic by dermatologists trained to perform this procedure.

When undergoing tattoo removal london  you should always ensure that the practitioner is on a register and meets set standards of training, skill and insurance. You should also ensure that the equipment they are using is gold standard. This is why we only use the latest PicoSure and PicoWay technology.

Pain-Free Tattoo Removal in London: Debunking Myths and Exploring Innovations

The procedure is quite fast and straightforward. It begins with a consultation where the dermatologist will take your medical history, examine the tattoo and recommend a course of sessions that are required to remove it. A patch test on the skin will also be carried out to assess any allergic reactions that may occur.

The treatment does involve some discomfort and the practitioner will apply a local anaesthetic cream before commencing the treatment. Many clients have described the sensation as similar to that of an elastic band snapping against the skin, it is very tolerable and most people don’t require additional anaesthesia.

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