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The Real World: It’s a place that teaches you how to make money online.

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What makes The Real World so popular is that it puts a variety of people with very different views of the world and their identities in close quarters for weeks on end, while forcing them to interact. This, it’s hoped, creates tolerance and acceptance of those differences.

The Real World – What is it All About

But this premise has its dark side. In seasons like Season Twenty, where Kim, a white Southern Christian, tells her African-American roommate Brianna to not “get ghetto,” it’s easy to see how the show normalizes intolerance. And in a time where racism and sexism still exist, it’s dangerous to suggest that simply being forced to live with someone who isn’t you can teach you anything about tolerance.

Despite its many changes over the years-adding a “job” that everyone must do in Season Five, pairing cast members with their exes in Season Twenty-Nine, or even secretly telling some roommates about each other in Season Thirty (a series known as The Real World: Skeletons)-the basic idea remains the same: put young people into a televised crucible and watch them fight over things they think they know, like their politics or religion or how to use a frying pan.

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