Finite Solutions Creates a Bespoke Home Cinema

Home cinema is a big investment, but one which pays for itself in the enjoyment it adds to a family’s entertainment experience. With new films arriving on blu-ray almost as soon as they leave the cinema, creating a dedicated home cinema room is increasingly popular.Read more :Learn more

Leeds-based Finite Solutions specialises in bespoke smart home and cinema installations. The company has fitted homes for premiership footballers and Saudi Princes as well as a number of top luxury showhomes across the UK.

Finite Solutions created this eye-catching media room in the unused cellar of the client’s London townhouse. Designed for music listening and relaxation, as well as for high-quality big-screen movie action, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work or when friends visit.

Beyond the Screen: Creating a Multi-Purpose Entertainment Space with Finite Solutions

Before the hardware was ordered, 3D modeling was undertaken to determine optimum speaker placement and the best way of delivering sound throughout the space. A 7.2 surround system was installed with front left, right, center and dual subwoofers from the Linn Majik range, which uses the latest digital-to-analog converter technology for better sound quality.

To keep the look clean and uncluttered, all speakers were installed in-wall and in-ceiling to eliminate visible cables. To help deaden the room acoustically, acoustic panels were fitted using black SoundSuede fabric from Acoustic Solutions. A Control 4 system was installed to provide ease of use and joined-up hardware functionality, including integration with the JVC projector and Screen Research screen.

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