Buyers Agents Melbourne

Buyers Agents Melbourne

A Buyers Agents Melbourne works for you, not the seller, helping to level the playing field in one of the most significant investments of your life. Just like you would hire an architect to design your home, a doctor to diagnose a health issue or a lawyer to represent you in court, having a property whisperer by your side is the smart move.

Often known by different names, a Buyers Advocate, Real Estate Buyer’s Agent or Property Buyer’s Agent can support you through the complete property buying process. Using your stated criteria, they will search available properties and attend inspections and auctions to provide you with a shortlist of acceptable homes. They can also arrange building and pest inspections, engineer reports and assist with the conveyancing process.

Decoding Melbourne’s Property Market: The Role of Buyers Agents

Many of the best buyers agents are local specialists who have strong relationships with the area they operate in, such as the inner city and Melbourne’s east and north suburbs. They have the knowledge and skills to spot properties before they hit the market, ensuring you get the best deal.

Look for accreditation with the REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia). REBAA sets standards and best practice for the industry, with members committing to the highest ethics and service. When selecting a buyer’s agent, ask for client testimonials and their fee structure. Many charge a flat fee, while others will quote a percentage of the purchase price of the property.

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