YouTube Analytics and Insights Advanced Mode

The The YT Lab: YouTube Analytics and Insights suite of tools is a veritable treasure trove of data for the sophisticated marketer. YouTube, to keep things easy and visually-rich for its users, limits the amount of key figures and metrics presented on the overview dashboard, but Advanced Mode offers a much more expansive view of what you can get from YouTube’s video analytics.

Why are my YouTube views different in analytics?

Video-specific metrics are incredibly valuable and provide a great deal of insight into your audience’s engagement and interests. For example, a high click-through rate on a video’s thumbnail is an excellent sign that the thumbnail is attracting viewers to your video. Similarly, a video with a long average viewing duration is an indicator that your viewers are engaged and want to watch more of your content.

YouTube’s subscriber metrics are also an important metric to understand and prioritize. Understanding where and when you gain and lose subscribers can help guide your video topics for the future, increase your reach on YouTube’s search algorithm, and attract new viewers. YouTube’s Traffic Sources report reveals how viewers are finding your videos, from external channels like social media or websites that embed your video to YouTube itself in the recommended and homepage sections of the site.

The Traffic Sources report also reveals the proportion of each source type for your total view count, giving you insight into how much of your views come from each source. Having this information will allow you to optimize your video marketing campaigns and track the impact of each channel that promotes your videos.

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