The Importance of a Well-Constructed Horse Manege

A horse manege is the setting for a beautiful partnership between humans and equine. It is where artistry and athleticism entwine to create equine excellence. But a horsemanage is more than a place for riding lessons, training, and boarding – it is the foundation of your relationship with your equine partner.

Dressage is the ballet of the horse world, where precise movements are executed by a trained horse and rider in an intricate dance. The horses in a dressage manage must be conditioned to respond to subtle cues and to execute the patterns of a dressage test or exercise.

In gymnastic work, the objective is not only to improve the horse’s athletic locomotion but to achieve a harmonious partnership in which the horse and rider move as one unit, in harmony with each other and with the natural environment. Such an achievement is the result of a disciplined effort that first addresses problems caused by past injuries and then gradually shifts the composite (horse and rider) center of gravity toward the horse’s haunches, thereby enabling the horse to carry the rider with both front and hind legs.

Clarifying the Terminology: Horse Manege vs. Horse Menage

The size, fencing, arena letters, and footing are all essential to a well-constructed horse menage. Proper drainage is also important, since standing water can damage the arena and cause safety hazards. A well-designed drainage system will ensure that the menage remains usable year round. For the best results, consult with an experienced equestrian or a footing specialist to determine the best type of surfacing and footing for your discipline and prevailing weather conditions in your region.

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