Body Lift Sydney – Achieve a Slimmer Body

Whether you have lost weight naturally through diet and exercise or surgically through bariatric surgery, it’s common to lose a significant amount of excess skin. Body lift sydney can reduce or eliminate this sagging, allowing you to achieve the slimmer body shape that you desire.

It is possible to combine upper body lift surgery with breast and arm lift, thigh lift or liposuction to achieve your desired results. A fully qualified, highly respected Fellowship Trained Plastic Surgeon who is experienced in all aspects of body lift surgery is the best choice for you. Dr Michael Kernohan is a well-respected Plastic Surgeon appointed at premier Sydney hospitals and is committed to providing excellent outcomes for his patients.

Lift Your Spirits and Body: Body Lift Procedures in Sydney

A circumferential belt lipectomy or body lift is performed to remove loose skin and fat from the stomach, groin, and thigh areas. It can also help lift the buttocks and reshape the abdomen area. Muscle repair to the abdominal wall can also be incorporated into this procedure.

This surgery is most commonly performed on people who have achieved a normal, healthy weight through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. However, it can be performed on anyone who wishes to improve the appearance of these areas after major weight loss.

Before undergoing any form of body lifting surgery, it is important to disclose all relevant medical history to your surgeon. They will make professional recommendations based on your health and lifestyle to ensure you’re a suitable candidate. It’s also important that you follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation to avoid complications and optimize your results.

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